Why choose Mr. Bond Pure Epoxy Resin over others?

Pure Epoxy Resin Mr. Bond, being a Pure Epoxy Resin provides high performance and forms a strong adhesive bond. Because of its pasty nature, mortar allows greater flexibility during installation. Because of the long working hours, rectifications can be made easily. One solution to all needs The USP of Mr. Bond is that it isContinue reading “Why choose Mr. Bond Pure Epoxy Resin over others?”

Mr. Bond – Procedure, Features & Applications

The procedure of using Mr. Bond Anchor Bolt/ Rebar fixing Pure Epoxy Resin based chemical Mr. Bond is an Injection cartridge system consisting of two resin components in separate compartments mixed proportionately in the nozzle when triggered using the dual caulking gun. Just like Pure Epoxy RESIN BASED Hilti HIT RE 500 OR FISCHER FIS EM 390Continue reading “Mr. Bond – Procedure, Features & Applications”

Pull Out tests, Applicator Services, Packaging & Consultation

At Elantor Solutions, we believe in providing a comprehensive range of services to our clients so that your work goes on uninterrupted. To facilitate prompt delivery schedules and work initiation, we pre-dominantly provide the following services – Pull Out Test on site On special request, we also provide Anchor Bolt or Re-Bar Pull-Out Tests on site.Continue reading “Pull Out tests, Applicator Services, Packaging & Consultation”