Anchor/ Re-bar Pull Out Test Service

ABOUT THE PULL OUT SERVICE Pull out testing is required to establish the strength or load capacity between concrete or other base materials with anchor bolts or re-bars for construction companies, architects, steel fabrication companies, steel erection companies. We, at Elantor Solutions, are ever ready to go out of our way to ensure you areContinue reading “Anchor/ Re-bar Pull Out Test Service”

Pull Out tests, Applicator Services, Packaging & Consultation

At Elantor Solutions, we believe in providing a comprehensive range of services to our clients so that your work goes on uninterrupted. To facilitate prompt delivery schedules and work initiation, we pre-dominantly provide the following services – Pull Out Test on site On special request, we also provide Anchor Bolt or Re-Bar Pull-Out Tests on site.Continue reading “Pull Out tests, Applicator Services, Packaging & Consultation”

Hot Dip Galvanized Mechanical Anchors

Why do you need Hot Dip Galvanized Anchors? The products, components, subassemblies, accessories, etc.  manufactured in your factory are often subjected to severe corrosive condition because of their continuous contact with water or sometimes with chlorinated water. In most of the cases, to prevent the material from corrosive attack, which in turn risks the integrityContinue reading “Hot Dip Galvanized Mechanical Anchors”

Technical Data – Certification & Lab tests

All necessary tests have been carried out in a well-renowned laboratory on various parameters and met all the criteria laid down successfully. Global Lab has NABL accreditation in Mechanical / Chemical / NDT & Calibration discipline. Global Lab is one of the selected laboratories to provide more than 200 tests  & more than 25 calibrationsContinue reading “Technical Data – Certification & Lab tests”

Why choose Elantor anchors

Out of the several reasons why you should prefer Elantor make Mechanical Anchors, here are a few – Properties The anchors designed and manufactured by us comply with Property class 5.8 maintaining physical properties such as – Ultimate Tensile Strength Yield Strength Stress under proof load Elongation before fracture & Desired hardness in specified range besides improvingContinue reading “Why choose Elantor anchors”

Mechanical Anchor – Procedures, Features & Applications

How to install a Mechanical Anchor A Mechanical Anchor (Commonly called as a Wedge Anchor/ Expansion Sleeve anchor) is installed by placing it into a predrilled hole and turning the nut to the recommended torque. The expansive device expands into the side of the hole as the nut is torqued. Features of Mechanical Anchor AllContinue reading “Mechanical Anchor – Procedures, Features & Applications”