Mechanical Anchor – Procedures, Features & Applications

How to install a Mechanical Anchor

A Mechanical Anchor (Commonly called as a Wedge Anchor/ Expansion Sleeve anchor) is installed by placing it into a predrilled hole and turning the nut to the recommended torque. The expansive device expands into the side of the hole as the nut is torqued.

Chemical Bolt (1)

Features of Mechanical Anchor

  • All our Mechanical Anchors are provided with an impact section so that the threads are not damaged during installation.
  • They are assembled along with a Standard nut and washer. On special requests, we also supply Oversize washers and spring washer.
  • Maintains superior Edge and Axial distance.
  • How are our anchors different than those of others? Read this.

Applications of Mechanical Anchor

As soon as Mechanical Anchors are installed, attachments can be made and loads can be applied.This may be advantageous for applications that require traffic control or limited installation time.

They are used across a wide range of applications in uncracked concrete.

However, if you are planning to use Mechanical Anchors in a moist environment, then you should go for Hot Dip Galvanized Mechanical Anchors.