Epoxy Resin Chemical Mortar – Mr. Bond

With over a decade of experience in Anchoring technology and extensive research in developing new fastening systems for various applications, Elantor Solutions has always been offering you safe & economical solutions.

In our strive for providing our customers with complete end to end solutions, we are proud to launch our Anchor Bolt (Threaded Bars) & Re-Bar fixing chemical – Mr. Bond.

Features of Mr. Bond

Hilti HITRE 500 OR FCHE FIS EM 390

1No expansion forces
produced during curing

                2Strong vibration resistant properties


   High tensile &    compressive strength


Very low shrinkage contributing to maximum dimensional stability

5Fast Cure, user-friendly &
Cost efficient

6Non-exothermic & odourless

Applications of Mr. Bond

  • Connection/ Renovation / upgrades of secondary post-installed rebars
  • Anchoring light structural steel connections such as steel columns, beams
  • Anchoring secondary steel elements
  • For light and medium-duty applications such as window bars, sanitary equipment, awnings, air conditioning systems, lights

Base Materials Mr. Bond works on

epoxy base materials.pngStrong, reliable and easily installed fastenings in concrete and masonry materials

Mr. Bond works with

Chemical Bolt

Why choose Mr. Bond Pure Epoxy Resin over others?

Pure Epoxy Resin

Mr. Bond, being a Pure Epoxy Resin provides high performance and forms a strong adhesive bond.

Because of its pasty nature, mortar allows greater flexibility during installation. Because of the long working hours, rectifications can be made easily.

One solution to all needs

The USP of Mr. Bond is that it is a one-stop solution to any base material and any substrate. You don’t have to look out for a different mortar whether you are looking for grouting or anchoring.

Mr. bond works on concrete, rock, ALC or hollow material along with chemical anchor bolts, threaded rods and reinforcing bars.

Most Competitive Price

Mr. Bond is one of the most affordable products in terms of price for the quality it provides. In simple words, value for money lies at the heart of this product.

Most efficient  Mixer Nozzle

The static nozzle we provide allows for best mixing of both the components. The numbers of mixing cycles per stroke in our mixing nozzle are far more than our counterparts.IMG-20170829-WA0018.jpg

Notice the slits in our Nozzle (2) and that of others (i.e. 1).

No more manual mixing

Proper dispensing equipment allows the
user to get benefits of 2 adhesives without weighing & mixing them manually.

QR Code

Scanning the QR Code on the cartridge gives you the practical and exact idea on the ml consumption of mortar required for Bolts & Re-bars of different sizes and lengths.

qr-code (1)

Pul Out accessories
Anchor/ Re-bar Pull Out in process

We also provide Premium services like Anchor Bolt or Re-Bar Pull-Out Tests (Both destructive and non-destructive) on site, Applicator Service for our Anchors, Re-Bars and Mr. Bond and customized packaging.

Know more about our Premium services right here – https://elantorsolutions.com/anchor-pull-out-tests-applicator-services/

Pull Out Test on site

On special request, we also provide Anchor Bolt or Re-Bar Pull-Out Tests on site.

This helps you determine the resistance of the base material during the Design Phase as well as evaluate the quality and safety of our Chemical, thus ensuring compliance with local guidelines after installation.

Our trained applicators carry out destructive pull-out proof load test on regularly calibrated test equipment to ensure reliable results.

Pul Out accessories
Anchor/ Re-bar Pull Out in process

This test is conducted in the presence of the customer on site, post which he is provided with the Pull Out Evaluation Report containing all the technical details and help –

  • Check the quality, safety and tensile strength of post-installed rebar and fastening systems after installation. This also helps establish the failure load of anchor or verification of supporting the resistance of Anchorage.
  • Ensure the load resistance and quality of your design are OK.
  • Determine resistance values of base materials not commonly used.

We recently conducted a Pull Out Test on a client’s site. Here is the report – PULL OUT TEST REPORT – ACE GAS CONVERSIONS PVT. LTD.

We go out of our way to make sure you are fully convinced before you make your first purchase with us.

The procedure of using Mr. Bond

Anchor Bolt/ Rebar fixing Pure Epoxy Resin based chemical

Mr. Bond is an Injection cartridge system consisting of two resin components in separate compartments mixed proportionately in the nozzle when triggered using the dual caulking gun.

Just like Pure Epoxy RESIN BASED Hilti HIT RE 500 OR FISCHER FIS EM 390 S

The proper dispensing equipment allows the
user to get benefits of 2 adhesives without weighing & mixing 
them manually.



Testing Certificate for Threaded Bolts and Re-bars

All necessary tests have been carried out in a well-renowned laboratory on various parameters and met all the criteria laid down successfully.

Global Lab has NABL accreditation in Mechanical / Chemical / NDT & Calibration discipline. Global Lab is one of the selected laboratories to provide more than 200 tests  & more than 25 calibrations under NABL accreditation.

Threaded bar M12 Pull Out Test Certificate

Threaded bar M20 Pull Out Testing CertificateAnchor/ Re-bar fixing Chemical Estimate

If all this got you charged up, take the next step. Call us. Ask for our catalogue. Fix an appointment. Or, simply drop in an email. At Elantor Solutions, any response of yours is valuable.