Why choose Mr. Bond Pure Epoxy Resin over others?

Pure Epoxy Resin

Mr. Bond, being a Pure Epoxy Resin provides high performance and forms a strong adhesive bond.

Because of its pasty nature, mortar allows greater flexibility during installation. Because of the long working hours, rectifications can be made easily.

One solution to all needs

The USP of Mr. Bond is that it is a one-stop solution to any base material and any substrate. You don’t have to look out for a different mortar whether you are looking for grouting or anchoring.

Mr. bond works on concrete, rock, ALC or hollow material along with chemical anchor bolts, threaded rods and reinforcing bars.

Take a look at all the Features & Applications of Mr. Bond.

End to End Solutions

At Elantor Solutions, we believe in providing our customers with a comprehensive range of services. Be that design consultation or applicator services, we have them all.

Most Competitive Price

Mr. Bond is one of the most affordable products in terms of price for the quality it provides. In simple words, value for money lies at the heart of this product.

Most efficient  Mixer Nozzle

The static nozzle we provide allows for best mixing of both the components. The numbers of mixing cycles per stroke in our mixing nozzle are far more than our counterparts.IMG-20170829-WA0018.jpg

Notice the slits in our Nozzle (2) and that of others (i.e. 1).

No more manual mixing

Proper dispensing equipment allows the
user to get benefits of 2 adhesives without weighing & mixing them manually.

QR Code

Scanning the QR Code on the cartridge gives you the practical and exact idea on the ml consumption of mortar required for Bolts & Re-bars of different sizes and lengths.

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Anchor/ Re-bar fixing Chemical Estimate

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