Mechanical Anchor Fastener

5.8 Grade Mechanical Anchor Fasteners

(Also known as Wedge Anchor/ Sleeve Anchor/ Expansion Anchor Bolt)


How to install a Mechanical Anchor

A Mechanical Anchor (Commonly called as a Wedge Anchor/ Expansion Sleeve anchor) is installed by placing it into a predrilled hole and turning the nut to the recommended torque. The expansive device expands into the side of the hole as the nut is torqued.

Applications of Mechanical Anchor

As soon as Mechanical Anchors are installed, attachments can be made and loads can be applied.This may be advantageous for applications that require traffic control or limited installation time.

They are used across a wide range of applications in uncracked concrete.

However, if you are planning to use Mechanical Anchors in a moist environment, then you should go for Hot Dip Galvanized Mechanical Anchors.

Out of the several reasons why you should prefer Elantor make Mechanical Anchors, here are a few –


The anchors designed and manufactured by us comply with Property class 5.8 maintaining physical properties such as ā€“

  • Ultimate Tensile Strength
  • Yield Strength
  • Stress under proof load
  • Elongation before fracture &
  • Desired hardness in specified range besides improving fatigue strength.

Sleeve/ Wedge

Sleeve is a heart of the operation of mechanical anchors.

The surface area of our sleeve is maximum in any comparison to any other anchor. This helps in generating very powerful frictional force and hence high torque. A Higher value of torque thus authenticates the pulling load capability of our anchor.

The thickness of sleeve used for M16 Mechanical Anchor is 2 mm. i.e. 14 gauge ( the size used only by the world renowned M/S. Hilti and Fischer) in contrast to 1.5 mm thick sleeve used by most of the cheap overseas companies.

Lab Tests

All necessary tests have been carried out in a well-renowned laboratory on various parameters and met all the criteria laid down successfully. This laboratory is in existence since the last 48 years and is accredited by NABL as per ISO/IEC 17025:2005 in the field of mechanical, chemical and biological testing.


Our anchor comes with a standard nut and plain washer as per IS specifications. On special request, we also supply oversize washers and spring washers.
Our anchors are available in sizes M12, M16 and M20, in any lengths.

Technical Data ā€“ Certification & Lab tests

All necessary tests have been carried out in a well-renowned laboratory on various parameters and met all the criteria laid down successfully.

Global Lab has NABL accreditation in Mechanical / Chemical / NDT & Calibration discipline. Global Lab is one of the selected laboratories to provide more than 200 tests & more than 25 calibrations under NABL accreditation.

Mechanical Anchor Design Specifications

Property Class 5.8 grade testing

Mechanical anchor M12 pull out

Mechanical anchor M16 pull out