Private Label Epoxy Resin Cartridge

Your brand name on our Epoxy Resin cartridges

private-label-rebar-chemical-india.pngNow you can provide your clients with a reliable & versatile range by opting for your own brand label and thus strengthen your own company’s presence all across India. You can easily convince your customers to purchase products under your brand name.

Here, we can supply no-label cartridge or even design your label at extra nominal charges.

Why import when you have the same products manufactured in India?

– Affordable products

– Save on additional inventory costs

– No stress on expiry date

Supply Condition 
Plain white Box size – 3 nos.
Carton size – 6 nos.

We also provide you with labeling and artwork. Labels and graphics are customized to your needs and may include logos, usage instructions, right-to-know information, supply data and more.

Create your own brand!

Promote our chemical epoxies with your company name and logo on it. This allows you to make your brand stand out.

Many companies utilize this service and our Pure Epoxy Resin based Anchor bolt/ Rebar Chemical Mortars to complete their product line. These cartridge bottles undergo the same careful QC, manufacturing and packaging processes as our own branded products.

There are advantages in having another company provide you industrial products under your label.

Our special low prices will allow you to compete with international companies in the same industry. We can help you build your business in this specialized field. Contact us at +918898316055 or Email us at if you are interested, or have any questions.