Hot Dip Galvanized Chemical Bolts

Why do you need Hot Dip Galvanized Anchors?

The products, components, subassemblies, accessories, etc.  manufactured in your factory are often subjected to severe corrosive condition because of their continuous contact with water or sometimes with chlorinated water. In most of the cases, to prevent the material from corrosive attack, which in turn risks the integrity of your structure, stainless steel material or hot dip galvanised processed steel is preferred.

We take pride in stating that we are amongst India’s select, few organisations that manufacture anchors in Hot Dip Galvanized Anchors. We would also like to state here that even world-renowned companies do not supply them in India.

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The protection given by zinc is twofold –

  • Firstly, the Zinc coating prevents corrosion mechanically by acting as a barrier thereby protecting the base metal i.e. iron. The complete immersion in molten zinc ensures excellent corrosion protection for 100% of the exposed surfaces, with a consistent zinc thickness, including corners and edges, interior, and threads.
  •  Secondly,  it provides galvanic protection to the base steel since zinc is a less noble metal than iron in the Electrochemical series i.e. when the mechanical protection (coating) fails, Zinc is severely attacked to the corrosive environment than base metal i.e. iron.

Hence hot-dip galvanising process is the most effective and widely used method for preventing corrosion for all types of anchor fasteners, general fasteners, foundation bolts, etc.

We also manufacture U-Bolts and Square U-Bolts in Hot Dip Galvanized condition as per clients’ drawings.

We comply with the following International Standards

Chemical anchors are hot dipped centrifugally galvanised and passivated as per IS:2629 to meet the following requirements –

  • We ensure that Chromate passivation is done immediately after galvanising.
  • The fasteners are hot dip galvanised and passivated to meet the following quality requirements

-Mass of coating: 300 gm / sq. m (average min.) and 375 gm. / sq. m (average max.). The equivalent thicknesses of the coatings are 43 and 54 microns respectively. Mass of coating is determined by strip testing as per IS: 1367 (Part-13).

  • Uniformity of coatings: We ensure that the coating withstands the copper sulphate test as given in IS: 2633 without showing any adherent red deposits.
  • Adhesion of coatings: The coating on our anchors withstands the knife test as per IS: 2629.

Dimensions & Tolerances

  • The thickness of the coatings is meticulously guarded during the galvanising process so that the galvanised nuts can be easily assembled on the bolts with the same thread size.
  • The nuts are re-tapped after galvanising for removing the excess zinc adhered to internal threads and they are subsequently oiled for corrosion protection. The threading portion of the anchor body is not machined by any mechanical process.
  • In principle, hot dip galvanised anchors are supplied in assembled sets consisting of a full nut and one plain washer.Grades of our nuts and washers comply as per IS1367 and IS132016 respectively.


Today, galvanising is found in almost every major application and industry where iron or steel is used. Hot-dip galvanised steel has a proven its mettle and growing history of success in myriad applications worldwide.

Hot dip galvanised steel, which has been used successfully for more than 100 years, provides sustainability through its superior corrosion protection, durability, longevity, availability, and versatility.

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