Pure Epoxy based Chemical Mortar – Mr. Bond 360 ml

With over a decade of experience in Anchoring technology and extensive research in developing new fastening systems for various applications, Elantor Solutions has always been offering you safe & economical solutions. In our strive for providing our customers with complete end to end solutions, we are proud to launch our Anchor Bolt (Threaded Bars) &Continue reading “Pure Epoxy based Chemical Mortar – Mr. Bond 360 ml”

Private Label Epoxy Resin Cartridge

Your brand name on our Epoxy Resin cartridges Now you can provide your clients with a reliable & versatile range by opting for your own brand label and thus strengthen your own company’s presence all across India. You can easily convince your customers to purchase products under your brand name. Here, we can supply no-label cartridge or even design yourContinue reading “Private Label Epoxy Resin Cartridge”

Why choose Elantor anchors

Out of the several reasons why you should prefer Elantor make Chemical Anchors, here are a few – Properties The anchors designed and manufactured by us comply with Property class 5.8 maintaining physical properties such as – Ultimate Tensile Strength Yield Strength Stress under proof load Elongation before fracture & Desired hardness in specified range besides improvingContinue reading “Why choose Elantor anchors”