Solar Adhesive – All Bond 360 ml

Why Drill & Bolt, when you can simply Bond?

Drilling, bolting, using screws & rivets punctures the roof thereby making way for water leakage. Not to forget, additional maintenance and associated extra costs.

Elantor Solutions solves these problems by offering a dual component epoxy resin based adhesive that not only eliminates manual mixing but also provides high quality performance & corrossion resistance.

ALL BOND 360 ml - Solar Industry (2)

What is All Bond 360 ml?

All Bond 360 ml is a two part pure epoxy resin that bonds anything & everything. It is a convenient solution that eliminates the entire process of drilling and bolting and promises a prompt cure timeline with high performance & long term durability.

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The ‘just in time’ mixing of Resin & Hardener guarantees high process reliability and eradicates the need of premixing.

Applications of All Bond in the Solar Industry

All Bond has myriad applications in the solar industry. Right from bonding solar frames and components to the J-box and backsheet! With a pure epoxy resin base, high load-bearing capacity, weather and corrosion resistance & superior thermal insulation are given.

All Bond is used to bond as back rail against a wide variety of dissimilar substrates like asphalt roofing shingle, cement, marble, aluminum, galvanized steel, and carbon steel.

All Bond is used around the edges of particularly frameless thin-film solar panels as protection. The glass to glass bonding acts as additional moisture and oxygen barrier like an edge seal thus making it weather resistant. It also helps strengthen insulation protection.

Instead of the conventional tape that may not help at odd-shaped intersections, the flowability and flexibility All Bond provides, is unmatched even for non metal substrates.

Use it to attach frames or back rails, or simply reinforce weak spots like corner junctions, making the overall structure of the panel more stronger and thereby more durable.

Another prominent use of All Bond is that you can use it to attach the Junction box. This improves the insulation grade of the Junction box and the head dissipation without risking diode failure caused by overheating.

Pure Epoxy Resin being UV resistant is specially designed for superior adhesion to photovoltaic cells.

It completely eliminates the usage of any anchor fasteners or screws thereby reducing labour and inventory.


Key features

– Quick Installation

– No solvent, nonflammable, No foul smell

– Eliminates drilling & bolting

– Roof remains intact, thereby enhancing aesthetics

– No leakage

– Rains & weather resistant

– Manual mixing not required

Work Time – 30-45 mins | Full Cure – 4-5 hours at 25°C
Mixed adhesive mortar is yellowish in colour
Shelf life – 24 months



For optimum performance, abrade/ grind/ roughen both the surfaces.
– Clean the surfaces – the roof and the solar panel
– Next, dispense some chemical outside.
-Once you notice a homogeneous paste, apply to both the surfaces and clamp them
for 4-5 hours.

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