All Bond -Multi Purpose Fabrication Epoxy Resin Adhesive

All Bond 360 ml is a viscous two-component, super strength adhesive comprising of epoxy resin and hardener that bonds anything & everything. It is a convenient solution that eliminates the entire process of welding, riveting, drilling etc. and promises high performance  & long term durability.

All Bond can be used to bond virtually any substrate right from glass to wood to metals to granite thus making it an engineer’s best friend!

All Bond 360 ml Fabrication Adhesive
Key features – 

– Excellent adhesion to most surfaces

– Water & chemical resistant

– Great coverage

– Odourless

– Non-hazardous

– Minimizes labour fees substantially

– Suitable for complex structures

– Enhances aesthetics as doesn’t involve welding/ drilling


Applications of Multi-Purpose Bond –

Excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates, virtually anything to anything makes it suitable for innumerable fabrication jobs. Here are a few examples –




– Construction (all type of civil works)

– Window/ door frames

– Marble/ platform/ stone mosaic

Solar panel fixing (bond back rails, fix mirrors or glass, solar cells, junction box, insulated bus bar mounting)

– Steel railing

– Wood to wood/ Glass to glass/ Glass to wood

– Honeycomb bonding

– Panel to frame/ stiffener

– Brick, Concrete, Plastic, Kadappa, Metal, Ceramic, Granite, Laminate

– Grouting, Cladding, Facades, etc.

Why All Bond?
  • An economical option over Mechanical assembling methods like welding, riveting, soldering or brazing.
  • It is engineered to meet difficult performance specifications & cost effective speed materialisation.
  • New designs can be effectively built & reworked.
  • It enables a broad range of industries to assess alternative part design possibilities.
  • The scope of corrections & improvements can be achieved to optimise usability & appearance, thereby reducing rejection.
  • Complex equipment is salvaged, rebuilt, overhauled.
  • Offers an exceptional value being less on price points by itself and reducing costs of buying new machinery.
  • All in all, savings can be substantial.

The ‘just in time’ mixing of Resin & Hardener guarantees high process reliability and eradicates the need of premixing thus maximising process time.

Because All Bond can be dispensed relatively easily, they are suitable for high speed manufacturing processes.

Wood to wood adhesive All Bond 360

Why you should use All Bond?

  • By understanding the processing and performance benefits All Bond offers, you can streamline manufacturing operations and produce robust assemblies while lowering overall costs.

Metal to metal adhesive

  • As seen in the image above, the adhesive is almost invisible within the assembly. The excess adhesive spread over the surface can be easily removed thus increasing the aesthetic appeal of the product without distortion.
  • For metals such as aluminum and steel that form a loose oxide layer in moist environments, All Bond prevents moisture from reaching the metal surface in the bond joint.
  • All Bond being Pure Epoxy Resin offers the highest strength, durability, excellent depth of cure, and temperature resistance.

Procedure –


– Clean/degrease/ roughen the entire surface. Use a sandpaper/or mechanically abrade for better results.

– Pump out a small amount, around 20 ml, through the gun and nozzle until you notice a homogenous mixture.

– Once you notice a homogenous colour, apply the same on both the surfaces that need to adhere.

– Leave untouched, with clamps on, for 5 hours. For best results, leave overnight.


Considerations when using All Bond

  • Though All Bond provides for the highest strength, it is vital to consider critical factors such as substrates to be bonded, end-use operating environments, and the manufacturing process.
  • Surface preparation too is critical to ensure a lasting and stable adhesive bond, because bond strength is determined to a great extent by the degree of adhesion between the substrate and the adhesive.

Safety Precaution – 

– Wear appropriate protective clothing, gloves & cover face.

– Do not swallow and avoid breathing vapours that rise from the chemical.